5 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Help You Get Started

Here, to help you along I’ve included five affiliate marketing tips that have helped many people including myself, in getting the very best results in their own affiliate marketing campaigns.

I’d advise you all to put these five basic marketing tips into practice in your own campaigns for a smooth start.

Tip #1 – Know Your Audience

One of my favorite affiliate marketing tips is golf shoes that are spikeless to do with really knowing your audience.

When choosing any type of product/service to promote you must know your target audience.

Consider your website or your blog.

What topic does it focus on?

What type of content do you generally provide your readers?

If you want to be successful when running an affiliate campaign then you must only make use of affiliate marketing product that actually target your audience.

If you choose a campaign that does not relate to your websites current topic then you are not going to produce very good results.

Tip #2 – Be Transparent

Website visitors have great respect for content creators who are honest. If you are promoting a product or service as part of an affiliate campaign be honest about it.

Simply tell your readers that this is what you are doing.

This will let them see that you are not hiding anything.

Additionally, your frequent visitors will see what you are doing and will more than likely consider clicking on your affiliate links in order to reward you for all the hard work you have put into your website that they regularly enjoy.

Tip #3 – Don’t Overload Your Visitors

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they start in affiliate marketing is bombarding their website or blog with affiliate links, banners and images.

This is the worst thing you can do and shows that you are a real amateur.

If visitors to your website feel as if they are seeing nothing but thinly veiled advertising on your website in place of brilliant content they may consider your site to be spam related and will most likely not come back inboxdollars scam or legit?.

Consider only running one or two non-obtrusive affiliate campaigns a month, test and then see what works.

Personally, I prefer embedded links into text rather than banners as banners scream marketing and this is not the image you want to project.

But that said the odd one placed here and there is acceptable to most people as long as you do not overdo it and make your site or blog look like a Christmas tree!

Tip #4 – Test Programs For Legitimacy

When dealing with any type of affiliate campaign you should determine if the products or services that you are working to advertise are legitimate.

Conduct online research about those campaigns you are starting.

Make sure that no campaign is known for phishing or for spamming people who submit information or complete surveys.

When I research I always use Youtube.

Put the search into Google of the product you are researching and then hit the video tab in the results, you are then presented with a number of videos that either promote or criticise the product, choose one or two of the most viewed and listen to what they have to say.

Stay away from video that has scam in the description as most of the time this is just a reverse psychology trick that actually ends up promoting the product so is not impartial in any way.

Tip# 5 – Affiliate Marketing Tips – Don’t Over-Market Your Campaign

Many first time affiliate marketers will over market their campaign.

They will spam their Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts and post their links on multiple forums that don’t even relate to their website or to the campaign they are launching.

People consider this type of marketing to be obtrusive and to be spam. You are not likely to produce results when you over-market.

I know it can be tempting, but be careful and give consideration to your audience StealthSecrets.

Will they truly find what you have to offer relevant or something that is totally irrelevant to them at this time.

We will show you the correct way to use social media and also when and the reasons why on another page about this subject

These are the 5 basic affiliate marketing tips I wanted to share with you.

As you get more experienced,  you will naturally discover you own affiliate marketing tips that work for you.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or need further advice, please contact me – it would be great to hear from you!


SWAGBUCKS Safe? – Is it Legit? Or a Scam? In Depth Review From Someone Who’s Been There

Name: SwagBucks


Price: Free (sort of)

Owner: Prodege

Overall Rank: 0.5 out of 5

Hey, yal

I have been getting questions from peeps, who have not only been asking whether SwagBucks is a legit way to make money online, BUT, more importantly, is SwagBucks safe.

I’ve had a very interesting experience with SwagBucks, that will help you to determine if SwagBucks is safe to use or not.

Let’s just say … it wasn’t the best experience – but before I get a head of myself, let’s discuss what Swagbucks is.

What Is SwagBucks? is an online rewards program where you earn virtual currency for doing certain tasks.

Last year, this website was ranked as the 186th most visited website in the United States.

Who Uses SwagBucks?

SwagBucks is primarily used by people who want to earn some extra money online completing random online tasks.

The term “SwagBucks”, is the internal currency the website uses to help you keep a running track of tasks you’ve completed.

You earn “SwagBucks” by taking part in activities including searching the web, taking surveys, shopping for products, voting in polls, playing games, watching videos, referring others, completing offers, and finding “swag codes.”

The virtual currency you earn can then be used to purchase retail gift cards, Paypal cash, or coupons.

You can also use your “SwagBucks” to enter into their sweepstakes.

Pros and Cons

Is SwagBucks free?

It is free to sign up and use

However, completing their special offers will cost you.

For most of the listed offers, you will need to provide a credit card.

Beware of these third-party offers, as some are scams, and they will continue charging your credit card.

I completed one of the offers and never received the credit.

My card did get charged though, even though I attempted to cancel.

I sent multiple messages to the support team and never received a response.

I was also never credited with the “SwagBucks.”

So, is SwagBucks free?

Yes, as long as you don’t mess with the special offers or buy the products.


How much can you earn with SwagBucks?

As a previous user of, I can give you some insight into how much you will really be earning, while doing their meaningless tasks.

If you are looking to make SwagBucks your full-time job, you will be very disappointed.

All your hard work on this site will only amount to about $0.25 per hour, and that’s if they credit you for everything you do.

Let’s break down all the tasks they claim to reward you for.

Searching the Web

When I used this SwagBucks custom search to find the things I was looking for, I ended up going to Google and searching anyway.

I could not find the results I needed, and it all ended up being a waste of time.

You can perform all your searches online with the SwagBucks search for an entire month, and maybe have enough SwagBucks to trade for a $5 Amazon gift card.

Taking Surveys

First of all, if you’ve ever taken part in internet survey taking, you know that you actually “qualify” for a small percentage of these surveys.

After spending 10 minutes (or more) answering annoying questions, they will finally tell you that you do not qualify for the survey, and you get absolutely no credit for that wasted time.

For the ones you do qualify for, the reward for your time is pennies.

Shopping Online

If you happen to spend a lot of money shopping online, there is a chance you can earn “cash back” for buying products through’s online stores.

This is not really making money, considering you’ll be spending a whole lot more than you’re getting back.

For doing all your shopping at SwagBucks, you’ll get back approximately 3 cents for each dollar you spend.

That is only if they credit you, which they have a major issue with.

Voting in Polls

You can only vote in one poll per day, and you will get one “SwagBuck” per poll.

One SwagBack is worth less than a penny, if you are exchanging for Paypal and worth a penny if exchanging for a gift card.

So, it’s a waste of time, unless you like taking meaningless polls for less than 30 cents per month.

Playing games

I tried the SwagBucks games and was far from entertained. I found these games extremely boring, and all the ads I had to put up with just frustrated me.

You do not earn “SwagBucks” for every game you play, and the maximum you can earn per day this way is 10 “SwagBucks” for approximately an hour of monotonous “playing.” (remember 10 SwagBucks is worth less than 10 pennies)

Watch Videos

I quickly realized after watching some videos that this was a huge waste of time.

Some of the videos are entertaining or informative, and they last about 3 minutes each (with a 30 second ad of course).

The maximum you can earn watching their videos is 150 “SwagBucks” per day. In order to get the maximum amount per day (approximately one dollar), you will need to watch 500 videos!

That will take you about 25 hours to do!

There are only 24 hours in a day, and do you really want to watch videos for 24 hours straight for a dollar?

Referring others to SwagBucks

Well if you are looking for an affiliate program where you earn money from getting others to sign up, SwagBucks is not the way to go.

You only earn if the people who sign up (through your affiliate link) actually earn some bucks themselves.

You will get 10{de111e223ed2f99b0822bf84759714f3773bfbf2b801acd6960c473d9fa15de7} of what they get.

So if your referral watches 24 hours of SwagBucks videos, you’ll get 15 SwagBucks (approximately 15 cents), in one day!

Please do not force your friends into this horrible waste of time.

If you’d like some more information on making money by getting people to sign up for something, click here to try this affiliate program instead.

Completing special offers

I never received my “SwagBucks” for any of the offers I completed. Most of the third-party offers will require a credit card, so I suggest never doing this. A huge waste of time and money….for nothing.

Find Swag Codes

SwagBucks will periodically put out codes somewhere, and you will need to hunt them down.

They are usually shared in social media, and they expire quickly. Each code is usually only worth one SwagBuck.

So, yet another waste of time.

So, the bottom line is, you really can’t earn much of anything using SwagBucks.

It takes 450 SwagBucks for one $5 Amazon gift card, which you will wait a while to receive.

If you want the equivalent of cash, the closest thing to it is Paypal cash.

You will need 700 SwagBucks for $5 in your Paypal.

As you can see from my breakdown above, it will take a long time just to reach that goal.

Final Verdict: Is Swagbucks a Scam?

My answer to “Is SwagBucks a Scam” will always be yes!

Others may swear by it, but they are just trying to get you to sign up.

When you Google SwagBucks for more information, beware of those sites that promote it.

They are most likely trying to get a referral.

What makes SwagBucks a scam to me? After spending hours and hours and days messing around with that terrible site, I received absolutely nothing.

As I stated before, their customer service is horrible.

You will not get credit for a lot of the work you do, and the support team will not get back to you when you file a ticket.

After my problem with SwagBucks, I did some searching and found that there are many people out there who had the same problems I did.

So, how can I make money from home?

Obviously, you are reading this because you were trying to find out if you can make money from home with SwagBucks.

The answer is no.

There are many programs out there telling you that you can make money at home by doing this or that, but there is really only one way to do it.

By becoming an affiliate.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a person officially attached to a “larger body.”

What does that mean? It means, you “attach” yourself to companies, and refer others to them and make money doing it.

There are tons of affiliates out there, like Amazon, ShareaSale, Wealthy Affiliate, and many others that pay you for referring others to their sites.

Some require that the person buy something, and others do not.

The easiest way to get people to the sites you want them on is by having a website yourself.

If you are thinking, “I can’t build a website. I’ve never done it, and it sounds too hard,” think again!

I had no experience with affiliate marketing or building websites, and look at me now.

I own and run this website and others!

The training on Wealthy Affiliate is extensive and provides step by step instructions to get you started.

All you need to do is sign up, do the training, and you will quickly find out how to really make money from home – Scam Free.

The first step you can take toward your own successful online business is to sign up here.

Try it out. It’s completely free.

You will be pleasantly surprised, and it’s definitely a better use of your time than SwagBucks.

Feel free to share your experiences with below!


Surveys & Friends Review : Is It Legit or a Scam?

Surveys & Friends shows you how to take surveys to the next level and exponentially increase your compensation beyond anything that resembles part-time earnings.

After having reviewed so many disappointing paid surveys sites, our expectations for Surveys & Friends could not have been much lower.

Little did we know that we were about to review the best online paid survey, mystery shopper, and focus group site on the web — and those are our words, not theirs.

The home page (Screenshot 1) includes an introduction video that emphasizes the site’s benefits while touching on the features that further separate Surveys & Friends from similar sites.

Not only are you paid for the surveys that you take, but you are paid for referring friends who join the same survey panels, and paid again when these friends complete surveys.

This method of making money is often referred to as “passive income” by internet marketers — as it requires no work on your part to produce recurring streams of income after the original referrals.

That’s a “win-win” concept in our book.

Once you have viewed the home page video, you are ready to sign up for membership.

There are three ways to do this.

You can complete the “Get Started Now” name-and-e-mail form on the far right side of the page just beneath the top banner.

Alternatively, you can use a similar form placed in the main content column about two thirds down the page.

Using either of these forms will result in receipt of an e-mail inviting you to join for the one-time fee of $34.00.

There is however, a quicker way to join.

Simply scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a “Join Today” link in the footer content to the right of the copyright information.

This would be our preferred method as you will pay the same $34.00 price and not have to wait for the “invitation e-mail” to arrive.

Regardless of how you decide, you’ll receive access to the same Surveys & Friends Membership Site.

Concerning the exit pop-up offering the free report (also offered in the invitation e-mail), the same PDF may be downloaded from this page simply by clicking the thumbnail below right.

Note that while the report contains a good overview of Surveys & Friends, it is not required reading by any means.

Regardless of the route utilized to arrive at the “Join” page (Screenshot 2), the price will be $34.00 plus sales tax.

Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, AmEx, Discover, JCB, and our preferred option, PayPal.

After making payment and selecting your password (your username is your e-mail address), you may log into the members area using the navigation link near the top of the homepage.

Once inside the Members Area (Screenshot 3), you should notice your name on the far left just below the welcome banner.

Watch the welcome video, as it provides a good overview of the program and members area navigation.

In addition to the homepage, the Member’s Area is divided into additional seven sections as represented by the main navigation bar immediately beneath the logo.

Sections are as follows:

Section 1. Take Surveys

Do not overlook the Mystery Shopper Board, as it is absolutely the best of its kind on any survey site we have seen.”

This section (Screenshot 4) includes a video with suggestions for maximizing earnings; the Top 20 Survey Panels to join; the Mystery Shopper Board; the Focus Groups Board; and the Extensive Survey Database of additional survey panels to join.

There are separate survey panel databases for the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

Of the Top 20 Survey Panels for U.S. residents to join (Screenshot 5), 8 are for online surveys, 2 are for focus groups, and 11 are for mystery shopping (yes, there are presently 21 listings in the top 20).

There are similar listings for Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

If you do not reside in one of the above-referenced countries, you may still qualify for highly-profitable and fun mystery shopper (also known as secret shopper) opportunities in your country (see the Mystery Shopper Board section of this review below).

As you will be joining 20 sites, you will need to create a spreadsheet to track the multiple login URLs, usernames, and passwords — or you can do what survey professionals do and simply use RoboForm (see Survey Pro Tip #2 in the right-hand column).

It is strongly suggest that you create a dedicated Gmail or Yahoo e-mail account for Surveys & Friends opportunities.

Create folders in your new e-mail account, one for each of the top 21 panels.

This will save you time and trouble later, as you will be receiving a lot of e-mails, and not all of the offers will appeal to you.

It is suggested that you concentrate on the cash-paying or cash-credits opportunities only and discard the sweepstakes offers as well as any offers that do not clearly state the compensation amount.

You simply will not have time to get to them all.

Access to the lucrative Mystery Shopper Board alone justifies your membership fee many times over.

The board allows you to narrow opportunity listings to those that match your preferences.

We selected opportunities in New York paying more than $34.00.

There were too many results to fit on a single page (Screenshot 6).

If you took advantage of only one of these numerous secret shopper opportunities, you would earn back your membership fee in a single day.

Mystery shopping is a highly-profitable and growing field.

ABC News estimated that there are more than 2 million mystery shoppers working in the U.S.

But the opportunities are not by any means limited to the United States.

In addition to Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, the board lists profitable secret shopper assignments in Aruba, Belgium, Brazil, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates!

Do not overlook the Mystery Shopper Board, as it is absolutely the best of its kind on any survey site we have seen.

Focus groups are usually moderated group interviews and discussions related to consumer products or services.

These opportunities are generally the most lucrative opportunities in the survey industry.

Your Surveys & Friends Membership provides access to the best focus group board online.

The Focus Groups Board allows you to narrow opportunity listings to those that match your preferences.

Selecting current focus groups for California returned 28 opportunities (Screenshot 7) paying an average of $133.15!

Completing a single average focus group would pay your $34.00 membership fee and put a $99.00 profit in your pocket in a single day!

Note that the Focus Group Board is limited to U.S. residents only.

Surveys & Friends currently maintains four separate Extensive Survey Databases — one for the U.S., one for Canada, one for Australia, and one for the U.K. These databases include hundreds of legitimate survey sites to join.

Surveys & Friends recommends — and we could not agree more — that you skip the Extensive Survey Database sites until you have had an opportunity to review and implement the income-producing methods in Section 2.

Invite Friends; Section 3. Invite Yourself; Section 4. Invite Others; and the V.I.P. Section.

Note that your one-time membership fee includes complete access to the VIP Section, you will learn how to use surveys to create passive income streams for yourself that require little if any work on your part beyond the initial set-up.

While there are certainly money-making survey opportunities in the Extensive Survey Database (Screenshot 8), Surveys and Friends cherry picked the best-of-the-best sites, and placed those in The Top 20 Survey Panels.

Section 2. Invite Friends

Section 2. Invite Friends (Screenshot 9) will show you how to multiply your survey income without having to take additional surveys yourself.

The methods taught within this section are for those who are interested in taking surveys to the next level – passive, recurring income streams with the potential to return full-time income using part-time efforts.

Note that the Invite Friends methods require use of the website and techniques covered in the V.I.P. Section.

Combining out-of-the-box thinking and best practices for online marketing, they produced a site that shows you how to take surveys to the next level and exponentially increase your compensation beyond anything that resembles part-time earnings.”

The concept is simple. In addition to paying for your opinions, high-end survey panels will also pay you $1.00–$7.00 for each friend you refer.

Better still — Surveys & Friends will pay you approximately $22.00 for each friend you refer for membership. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others, make it easy for you to contact friends and acquaintances who are also interested in increasing their incomes.

If you are satisfied with your earnings from Section 1, and do not have additional time to invest in scaling your earnings, you need not make use of the methods taught in Sections 2, 3, and 4.

Even so, it is good to know that you have additional sources of revenue to tap should the need arise.

Finally a word of caution — if you are new to surveys, we strongly suggest that you limit your survey activities to Section 1 until such time as you have organized your survey taking activities, are already earning money with your opinions, and feel comfortable enough with the process to take on new tasks.

Experience tells us that people who try to take on too much, too early, may become overwhelmed and frustrated.

Proceed through the sections at a pace that works for you.

Your membership is good for as long as the Surveys & Friends website exists, so there is no need to rush.

Section 3. Invite Yourself

Section 3. Invite Yourself (Screenshot 10) will show you how to use the referral links generated in Section 2 to earn commissions ranging between $1.00 and $7.00 for signing up for additional surveys panels.

Because you are referring yourself, your commissions are assured.

This process can be repeated up to 25 times per week!

It is strongly suggested that you create a new dedicated Gmail or Yahoo e-mail account for self-referrals as confusing these e-mails with your survey offers could be problematic.

This nothing-short-of-brilliant method is the closest thing we have seen to a foolproof system for making money online with little-to-no-effort, and just one more way that Surveys & Friends further differentiates itself from other paid surveys sites.

Note that the Invite Yourself method also requires use of the website and techniques covered in the V.I.P. Section.

…the absolute best-of-the-best legitimate and lucrative survey, focus group, and mystery shopper sites…”

Section 4. Invite Others

Section 4. Invite Others (Screenshot 11) will show you how to use the techniques and website covered in the V.I.P. Section to expand your referral commission base beyond yourself and your friends to any and all residents of the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. who are interested in earning money online by taking surveys.

As there are only so many surveys, focus groups and secret shopper assignments you can complete in a day, and only so many friends you can invite, your income is limited by the amount of time you have to take surveys and the number of friends you have.

Section 4 removes those restrictions and increases your referral commission income potential exponentially. Now that is exciting!

While the methods taught in Section 4 require somewhat more effort than Sections 2 and 3, they are by far, the most powerful way to leverage your time and scale your income beyond the levels possible by completing surveys.

As the Invite Others approach refers to and requires knowledge of the techniques taught in Sections 1 thru 3, it is suggested that you do not attempt to implement the concepts until such time as you are already earning money by taking surveys and referring your friends and yourself to survey panels.

V.I.P. Section

The V.I.P. Section (Screenshot 12) is the key to successfully implementing the strategies and techniques explained in Sections 2 thru 4.

As it is the section most likely to introduce new concepts and skills, it has wisely been placed last.

It is important to note that making use of the V.I.P. Section is completely optional.

You can earn exceptional part-time income solely by using the methods described in Section 1 without ever having to utilize the V.I.P. Section, or the related methods described in Sections 2 thru 4.

The key element of the methods described in Sections 2 thru 4 is your own personalized, “I Like Paid Surveys” website (Screenshot 13), where you will send your friends and other referrals to sign up for survey panels and/or Surveys & Friends Membership.

This is how you will increase your earnings without having to take additional surveys.

As previously indicated, you are paid $2.00–$7.00 for each referral that signs up for a survey panel, and about $22 for each referral that joins Surveys & Friends.

Imagine for a moment that you were able to successfully refer only one new Surveys & Friends member per day.

You would earn about $22.00 per day, $154.00 per week, $669.00 per month, or $8030.00 per year!

That would of course be in addition to your survey earnings.

You might think that you do not have the skill set to create or even customize a website.

Well, if you can fill out a few form fields and click the ‘Submit’ button (Screenshot 14), you can customize your site.

It is that easy.

Best of all, your personalized website is 100% free — the cost is already included in your one-time, $34.00 Surveys & Friends Membership fee.

There are no hosting charges, web designer expenses or any other payments to make.

As you will be acting as an affiliate for the survey panels and Surveys & Friends by providing referrals, you will need to join two affiliate networks (one for the survey panels and one for Surveys & Friends), but both networks are free to join.

These networks will be responsible for paying your referral commissions.

The V.I.P. section includes complete text and video instructions on how to join these two affiliate networks.

After that, all you need do is use your social media connections to refer your friends and others to your personalized website, and you are on your way to earning passive income 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

Bonuses Section

The Bonuses Section (Screenshot 15) provides five eBooks and 4 videos designed to further enhance your knowledge of online money-making systems and how to integrate these skills with your survey endeavors to take your earnings to an entirely new level.

The following volumes are included with your Surveys & Friends membership:

In the event there was any lingering doubt about the value of the single-payment-of-$34.00 Surveys & Friends Membership fee, the Bonuses Section itself is worth more.

Support Section

Finally, should any problem or question arise, the Surveys & Friends Membership Site includes an FAQ and a responsive Support Desk (Screenshot 16) that can assist you as required.